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Sourcemod hide slots

sourcemod hide slots

"0" use clan tag given by variable sm_hreserved_auth_tag for admin authentication (mostly not very reasonable until protecting clan tags by external plugin) 0 - enable 1 - disable sm_hreserved_auth_tag : ( def.
Set below the maximum number of slots your server provides.
"1" value to be subtracted from the immunity level of spectators.Reserved Slots sm_reserved_slots # This casino ruleta en vivo yahoo controls how many slots get reserved by the plugin (the default is 0).Contents, cvars, reserve Type sm_reserve_type 012 This controls how reserve slots work on the server (the default is 0).For this reason it is often better to hide the slots otherwise public users will attempt to join the server and will get kicked again (rendering the autojoin feature useless)."0" ) 0 - bots/fake clients will be kicked to free slots 1 - bots/fake clients (e.g.However, admin protection as specified by sm_hreserved_admin_protection still keeps valid.The number of reserved slots is given by sm_hreserved_slots_amount.Reason: upgraded.0.Or, give groups access to the overrides in admin_g (e.g.Txt (as of this writing, version july-31-2007 *.
New for Version.0: If no reserved slots are defined explicitely neither there are any hidden slots, the connect extension is used, if available.
(So you do not really need to download and install this from the attachement).
Config: the configuration file hreserved_g is located at It will automatically be generated if missing.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without * ANY warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness * foarticular purpose.
NB: This is only relevant when using sm_reserve_type 1/2.
In the case of the server shutting down this effect will not be visible ResetVisibleMax public void OnMapStart CheckHiddenSlots public void OnConfigsExecuted CheckHiddenSlots public Action OnTimedKick(Handle timer, any client) if (!client!IsClientInGame(client) return Plugin_Handled; KickClient(client, "T "Slot reserved client CheckHiddenSlots return Plugin_Handled; public void OnClientPostAdminCheck(int client).There is no possible way for the reserved slots to be visible to admins and hidden from normal users.If not, see.org/licenses/.Sm_reserve_type 2 - Only available in SourceMod.1 or higher.AlliedModders LLC defines further * exceptions, found in license.You must obey the GNU General Public License in * all respects for all other code used."sm_reskick_immunity" "o" - to give all users with flag 'o' (custom flag 1) immunity from being kicked).Sm_reserve_type 1, if someone with reserve access joins into a reserved slot, the player with the highest latency and without reserve access (spectator players are selected first) is kicked to make room.SourceMod (C) AlliedModders LLC.New for version.0: if the connect extension is used, this is the only available drop method 2 - offer player to be redirected to the server specified in sm_hreserved_redirect_target.To connect to the reserved slot of a server that shows as full you will need to use 'connect ip:port' in console.Sm_hreserved_redirect_timer : ( def.If players have different immunity-levels one mac pro 5 1 expansion slots of them with the lowest immunity-level goes first.