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Learn to be a blackjack dealer

learn to be a blackjack dealer

In the casino where I worked, there were two roulette tables, two craps tables juegos ruleta online gratis and twenty-four blackjack tables.
If your hand is worth less than 21, pay any players with a higher value than you, and collect bets from players whose hands have a lower value than yours.
Before you deal cards to the players, several things need to be done.You spread the last stack of chips to prove the bet or chips, you don't let the player cover their bet with their hand at any time because the sky can't see through their hand, and you follow the rules so you don't stand out!These schools teach all aspects of being a dealer, and you get ruleta online verdadera the skills and confidence to do your job professionally and with pride.And even though they are able to remain cordial and approachable, they are still able to retain their composure even when dealing with difficult or frustrated clients.Their hands are also pretty fast so that players don't get bored with the game and feel uncomfortable with the speed at which bets are settled.
The good thing is that you can do this practice at home, and after making a few mistakes here and there, the entire moves will seem like second nature to you.
But once you get into a larger casino youll find that they have more regular schedules.
In addition to dealing an accurate game youll want to keep the action moving and maintain a friendly dialogue with the players.
Players like to be recognized, and asking and remembering their names is a big step in the right direction.They often learn to play blackjack on-the-spot, but no matter how long they have played, many are likely to blame you for everything from poor cocktail service to bad room service, not to mention saying it's your fault if they lose even two hands.As a casino dealer, then, the odds are good that wherever you choose to live, there will be a place to work nearby.First, you need to shuffle your cards and, if youre playing with several players, combine two or more decks together.On the face of it, dealers are just casino agents representing the casino in a round of blackjack.The road map is prepared prior to your shift and usually assigns a group of four dealers to handle three tables, with one dealer always on a break.Deal one card for each hand, facing down as usual, but do not let the player hit on their hand any more.Smile, that may seem obvious, but sometimes it's hard to smile when you're tired, sick of sniffing second-hand smoke, or you didn't get much sleep last night because your pet iguana has a cold.If your second card is an ace, count it as 11 only until your total exceeds 21, at which point the ace has a value of 1 point.Thank the players, wish them good luck, clear your hands and exit to the right.Some small casinos pay you in cash the following day, but the bigger casinos include the tokes in your paycheck.